Beautifully easy IoT

Pythings is a quick and easy way of programming Internet of Things devices, directly from a web browser, in Python.

It shines on microcontrollers like the ESP8266 and the ESP32, but it works nicely also on small Linux boards. And it is fully open source!


How it works


Install PythingsOS

Step 1: Install PythingsOS

With the guided installer, or manually.


Configure connectivity

Step 2: Configure Wi-Fi

WiFi and cellular (alpha) supported.


Code your Things

Step 3: Code your App

In Python, directly from a web browser.

Demo video

Pythings is now in open beta testing. Interested?

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Full Features


PythingsOS is a minimal Operating System based on Python and MicroPython. It implements all the base functionalities required by an IoT device like network management, remote updates and security, so you don’t have to. You can find it open source on GitHub!


Pythings Cloud

The Pythings Cloud is where you can control and orchestrate all of your Things. It provides simple yet powerful tools for device management, code editing and data visualization to get you started immediately, plus a set of APIs for more integrations. Check it out on GitHub!

Pythings Cloud

Web Setup

The Web Setup mode allows to configure your Things from a simple web page. When Pythings OS boots, it makes your Things to stay discoverable as a Wi-Fi access point for about a minute, in which you can join and lock it in this mode to configure them.

Thing web Setup

Code from the broswer

No more firmware flashing and serial cables to deploy your code! The Pythings Cloud provides a Web-based code editor with a built-in versioning system that allows you to deploy the code to your Things as easily as hitting a commit button. App development made easy

Remote updates

Remote updates are built into Pythings from its core, both for PythingsOS itself and for your Apps, which are automatically versioned. Just choose which versions you want, or if you always want to use the latest ones, and let Pythings take care of the rest.

Built in updates

Obey Murphy's Law

"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". Pythings obeys Murphy's Law and assumes that problems are the norm, not the exception. This philosophy led to a software stack resilient at failures by design and that can always report back what gone wrong.

Obey Murphy's Law

Pythings is now in open beta testing. Interested?

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