The installer lets you to get started straight away without having to worry about tools, dependencies and firmwares. It will prepare your board for PythingsOS, download the code and install it. Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux with no requirements other than Python and a USB/Serial connection with your board. Currently supports only the Esp8266, Esp32 and the Esp32 + SIM800 platforms.

Code and firmware

Download the PythingsOS code or firmware if you want to perform a manual install. Here you can find both platform-independent and platform-specific releases, including standard and frozen firmware versions. You can read more about what they stand for, when to use them and in general about how to perform a manual install in the documentation.
Release v1.1.0
Reference MicroPython version: v1.11
Reference Python versions: 3.4-3.6
Esp8266 + SIM800 (experimental)
Esp32 + SIM800
Generic Platforms


Tools to help you in developing and debugging your Apps.
  •   uPyLoader, a simple IDE for MicroPython by BetaRavener.
  •   Serial Console, a simple non-intrusive console to keep an eye on what is going on inside your devices without interfering with them.


If you just bought your USB to serial adapter or your chip comes with an integrated one and you have not downloaded any driver yet.
CH34x (i.e. CH341, CH340G, CH341G)